This outfitting business is now being sold because the owners wish to retire after 22 years of operations.  Please inquire at 709-466-2440.

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Ours is a total wilderness experience offering Canadian Big Game Hunting for Moose, Black Bear and Woodland Caribou,  upland wingshooting for Ptarmigan, hiking, Fly Fishing in Newfoundland for Atlantic Salmon and nature viewing.   Our guests access modern remotely located lodges via an exhilarating helicopter  trip over an unspoiled picturesque landscape.    Imagine, the nearest community is 14 miles away and is itself isolated, with no roads and outside access by boat and helicopter only.    The closest road of any kind is 25 minutes away via helicopter @ 120 MPH.

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For complete information about the spectacular Atlantic salmon fly fishing experience our lodges provide, please visit our fly fishing web site at


Healthy populations of Moose, Woodland Caribou and Black Bear abound here,   affording excellent opportunity for sightings, as well as highly controlled hunting in season.  We welcome hunters using archery equipment as well as rifle & black powder.  Our operations have also become quite specialized in hosting families, including husband and wife teams, as well as any non-hunting guests.

Some of our areas boast some of the best terrain available for Newfoundland's most popular game bird, the Ptarmigan,   which provide tremendous wing shooting sport during open season.  An unlimited expanse of unspoiled countryside at the lodges gives an unbelievable appreciation of nature.  For those adventurous enough to tackle the sometimes demanding terrain, the rewards of hiking are breathtaking.  While the photographer is given every opportunity, the ecstasy of this atmosphere and the prevailing solitude is difficult to accurately recreate on an image.
Now into our twenty-third year of operation, we are an owner/operated   business, with the owners directly involved with all aspects of our clients experience: from initial telephone conversations and the taking of your reservation, to the making of necessary trip arrangements and attending  to your needs  at the lodge, including, in as much as possible,  being beside you in the field.   Your experience is our experience.  Our commitment to the operation of Grey River Lodge Ltd. has been complete, both financially and with personal hands on  involvement in lodge constructions and all ongoing upgrades.   The primary concern of the owners and our professional staff is the clients total satisfaction in the wilderness experience that we provide at all our lodges.

All guests are sure to be impressed by our modern full service lodges and their spectacular helicopter accessed wilderness locations.  Despite it's vast wilderness, Newfoundland is easily accessed by either commercial airlines or by road with a modern ferry link as indicated on the map.

Our hunts are very exclusive 1 on 1 guided wilderness hunts, where guests hunt out of modern, full service lodges located right in the best hunting areas.   We have just implemented a new hunting rate structure, following a trial experiment this past fall, involving the concept of big game trophy fees.

I invite you to browse through our web site and discover what our family is all about.   Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have or simply say hello and leave your comments in our Guest Book.

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For more information, including a copy of our hunting or fly fishing videos, or reservations, please contact:

Grey River Lodge Ltd.
22 Riverview Drive, Shoal Harbour, NL
Canada     A5A 4M9
Tel:  1-709-466-2440    Tony Tuck 
Cell:  709-427-3494     

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