In today’s world of marketing, more and more local businesses are starting to embrace search engine optimization strategies (SEO) to rise above their competitors. Small business owners, like our adventure shop franchisees, need to be paying attention. Visitors from out-of-town who are looking for sporting gear or outdoor equipment might not realize what your store offer. In many cases, people usually rely on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find shops within their area. This is where local SEO can come into play and give your business the upper hand in online ranking. And for more reasons why your adventure shop needs a local SEO boost, read our short guide below.

Convenient for Clients

When looking for a product or service, nothing matters more to customers than the convenience of their shopping experience. In fact, many customers who are looking for ski gear, fishing equipment, and other sporting supplies prefer to shop online rather than to step out of their house and drive to a store. Without an SEO strategy in place to guide customers to your website or business information, you can bet that your competition will swoop in and take any potential clients.

Inexpensive and Effective

Unlike other forms of advertising, such as television commercials, magazine slots, or radio broadcasts, investing in an SEO strategy can be relatively cheap. While creating a user-friendly website, quality blog content and other aspects of online marketing can be a little time-consuming at the beginning, SEO can be more efficient in the long-run than other traditional forms of marketing. As a bonus, you can keep track of how successful your campaigns are on the backend of your website.

Great for Credibility

With a good SEO strategy in place, your business can become credible and gain a positive reputation in the online arena. By providing a website that clearly states what your company does, along with facts about your products or services, potential customers can see the legitimacy of your business and will be more likely to check out your shop. And if clients can leave their feedback on your website, others can see first-hand the quality service that your business offers.

Easy to Employ

Even if your business doesn’t have a website or any social media accounts yet, maintaining a high SEO ranking is still possible with the help of an online manager. Several services can help you find a freelancer or local expert in your area, like this Austin SEO company, that can set you up with everything you need, including a graphic designer, blogger, or social media strategist. And while a lot of the technical terms surrounding SEO strategies may sound intimidating, they’re not! Once you take the time to learn the lingo and a few different techniques, you’ll be happy to incorporate the strategies into your marketing plan and give your shop the visibility it needs to thrive online.