Reasons Your Adventure Shop Needs a Local SEO Boost

In today’s world of marketing, more and more local businesses are starting to embrace search engine optimization strategies (SEO) to rise above their competitors. Small business owners, like our adventure shop franchisees, need to be paying attention. Visitors from out-of-town who are looking for sporting gear or outdoor equipment might not realize what your store offer. In many cases, people usually rely on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find shops within their area. This is where local SEO can come into play and give your business the upper hand in online ranking. And for more reasons why your adventure shop needs a local SEO boost, read our short guide below.

Convenient for Clients

When looking for a product or service, nothing matters more to customers than the convenience of their shopping experience. In fact, many customers who are looking for ski gear, fishing equipment, and other sporting supplies prefer to shop online rather than to step out of their house and drive to a store. Without an SEO strategy in place to guide customers to your website or business information, you can bet that your competition will swoop in and take any potential clients.

Inexpensive and Effective

Unlike other forms of advertising, such as television commercials, magazine slots, or radio broadcasts, investing in an SEO strategy can be relatively cheap. While creating a user-friendly website, quality blog content and other aspects of online marketing can be a little time-consuming at the beginning, SEO can be more efficient in the long-run than other traditional forms of marketing. As a bonus, you can keep track of how successful your campaigns are on the backend of your website.

Great for Credibility

With a good SEO strategy in place, your business can become credible and gain a positive reputation in the online arena. By providing a website that clearly states what your company does, along with facts about your products or services, potential customers can see the legitimacy of your business and will be more likely to check out your shop. And if clients can leave their feedback on your website, others can see first-hand the quality service that your business offers.

Easy to Employ

Even if your business doesn’t have a website or any social media accounts yet, maintaining a high SEO ranking is still possible with the help of an online manager. Several services can help you find a freelancer or local expert in your area, like this Austin SEO company, that can set you up with everything you need, including a graphic designer, blogger, or social media strategist. And while a lot of the technical terms surrounding SEO strategies may sound intimidating, they’re not! Once you take the time to learn the lingo and a few different techniques, you’ll be happy to incorporate the strategies into your marketing plan and give your shop the visibility it needs to thrive online.

Nationwide Real Estate List – Best Places to Move for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nationwide Real Estate List – Best Places to Move for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For those of us who love spending time outdoors, breathing fresh air and releasing pent up energy, nothing can be worse than living in an area with limited options. It may even be worth considering a move to a more outdoor-friendly area, but where might you find such a place? Below, we’ll look at the five best places for outdoor enthusiasts looking to relocate.

1. Seattle, Washington

While many of this city’s 637,850 residents might complain about the winters and the rainy season, this location still rates at the top for the activities it provides. Sunny days can be spent in one of the 44 nearby state parks or at one of the 19 beaches. Surrounded by water on two sides, kayaking, sailing, and boating are common activities in this maritime gem. Prefer the mountains? Seattle has those too in the form of Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens.

2. Costa Mesa, California

This city of 111,635 has a smattering of five state parks in the area, but that’s not all California visitors, and locals love about the city. Costa Mesa boasts 47 beaches that play host to sun worshippers and water lovers all year long. Whether you love surfing or jogging the beach, this sunny town has plenty of options to spend the endless summer days.


3. Cambridge, Massachusetts

While most people associate Cambridge with MIT and Harvard, those prestigious universities are just one reason to come to this city of 106,844 people. According to Charlesgate Realty, Cambridge, and its neighbor Boston offers the ideal “launching pad” for those who love outdoor activity. With 43 state parks and 120 beaches close by, here there’s always something to do, whether it’s kayaking down the Charles River or biking at Cambridge Common. The rich history of this New England town also provides a host of tours and memorials to educate and entertain.


4. Austin, Texas

This city of 947,890 can get a little crowded, so it’s a good thing the area provides plenty of opportunities to get outside and take in the breathtaking state parks populating the area. Activities include spelunking, rock climbing, swimming, and hiking, so there’s always an opportunity to test your skills and explore the gifts nature has bestowed on this Southern city.

5. Alexandria, Virginia

The 146,422 residents of Alexandria join frequent visitors in enjoying the 20 state parks and 19 beaches this city has to offer. Sitting on the shores of the Potomac River, Alexandria offers over 940 acres of outdoor parks and recreational centers. Possibly one of the biggest attractions may be the 17 mile Mount Vernon Trail. For those ambitious enough to take this hike, they’ll be rewarded by arriving at the estate of George Washington. Along the way, the trail intersects with the Potomac Heritage, Custis, Rock Creek, Four Mile Run, and Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trails.


6. Phoenix, AZ

This bustling city on the fringes of the Sonoran Desert is one of the ultimate places for those who love spending time outside. Though Phoenix itself sits in a valley, it’s surrounded by various mountain ranges that offer ample opportunities for hiking and trail running. We asked friends at a local moving company for their top trail recommendations. They say Camelback is a must-do for vacationers and first timers, and other popular hikes include the Lookout Mountain Summit Trail, Tom’s Thumb, and the Siphon Draw Trail.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, these cities are among the best regarding providing maximum enjoyment for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the forests and mountains or the beaches and the waterways beyond, there’s always something to do in these areas. Pack a bag or a moving truck and head for the nearest interstate. You won’t regret it.

Texas Moving Company Reveals Top Kayaking Destinations in the Lone Star State

Texas Moving Company Reveals Top Kayaking Destinations in the Lone Star State

Kayaking is a wonderful sport enjoyed by people of all ages. For anyone living in or visiting the state of Texas, the waterways open a wide range of possibilities to enjoy exploring by kayak. If you’ve just moved here, you can experience the beauty of the state’s landscape by venturing to some recommended destinations. Thanks to the folks at Apple Moving San Antonio for helping us put this list together. This company performs local and long distance relocations and is known as one of the best moving companies in the state. For assistance with your next move, be sure to call them for a free quote. Here are their recommendations for the top kayaking destinations in the Lone Star State:

Brazos River

Consider a journey down this beautiful river, which offers plenty of thrills and excitement for experienced kayakers. Embark from Possum Kingdom Lake about 2 hours northwest of Fort Worth, and paddle all the way to Highway 4. Along the 19-mile excursion, you will pass rugged granite cliffs and the scenic Palo Pinto Mountains. You have the option of extending your journey to Highway 180 for a total of 38 miles. Although there are no established campsites, you are free to set up a tent on the sand bars to rest along the trip. If you’d rather not haul your own boat, check out the rental options from Rochelle’s Canoe and Kayak Rentals just down the river.

Caddo Lake

The unique landscape of Caddo Lake in East Texas more closely resembles what one might expect to see in Florida. The waterways are filled with mature cypress trees decorated with Spanish moss. This lake offers more than 26,000 acres of bayous and swamps, with 10 paddling routes or more than 50 miles of waterways to explore. Meander your way through the impressive cypress forest, and see if you can spot some of the more than 70 species of fish who call this body of water home. Caddo Lake State Park offers canoe rentals if you do not have your own kayak.

Guadalupe River

The speed of the river’s flow is dependent on the amount of water released by the dam and features everything from clear, calm waters perfect for trout fishing to Class III rapids. While making your way down the river, you are treated to views which include banks lined with mature trees, boulder gardens, and cascading waterfalls tumbling off rugged cliffs. Be aware that some stretches of the Guadalupe are popular for recreational tubing, especially during the hot summer months. Put in at New Braunfels, which is conveniently located between Austin and San Antonio.

Lady Bird Lake

This beautiful body of water runs through the heart of Austin and features paddling routes extending from three to 11 miles in length. The location also offers the option of renting canoes, kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards from one of the several easily accessible docks (try Rowing Dock or Austin Rowing Club). Enjoy the beautiful outdoors along with great views of the Austin skyline.

Lighthouse Lakes

Although called lakes, these waterways are in fact flats and tidal channels along the Gulf Coast whose calm waters are ideal for beginner kayakers. Routes vary from a little over one mile to nearly seven miles in length. Do some fishing along the way or keep your eye out for waterfowl. You will also catch a glimpse of the historic Lydia Ann Lighthouse, which was originally constructed during the Civil War years and remains in use today.

Morgan’s Point Resort

Morgan’s Point serves as a launching point and is situated on Belton Lake on the outskirts of Killeen. From the lake, there are three paddling routes called Camp Kachina, Mother Neff, and Tanyard Springs, which take kayakers on journeys spanning one to three hours. Along the way, the landscape includes secluded coves and majestic bluffs.

Professional Mover Tips for Packing and Moving All Your Adventure Gear

Professional Mover Tips for Packing and Moving All Your Adventure Gear

When moving to a new home, properly packing up your belongings is one of the most arduous but important tasks. Improper packing can expose your prized possessions to breakage, dents, and scratches. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast, packing gets trickier as most of your equipment is not only expensive and fragile but also hard to pack due to its shape, size, or material. To help you with your move, here are professional packing tips from these NYC movers to prep your gear for relocation.

Transporting Fishing Equipment

Fishing might be fun, but packing fishing gear for a move isn’t. Fishing rods are abnormally long with parts that can be easily snapped and broken. Normal moving boxes are too small and will almost undoubtedly lead to cracked parts. A cargo carrier specifically designed for fishing equipment minimizes such risk. There are several options when it comes to selecting a rod and reel case, from rod socks to bazooka tube cases. Browse the best fishing rod cases and select the optimal one for your needs. Not only will the case protect your expensive equipment during your move, but it is an investment for protection during future travels as well.

Moving Your Biking Gear

A bike rack is the most dependable way to move your bike over long distances. Attaching a rack to the back of your vehicle will not only free up space for other belongings in the trunk or roof, but it will also ensure your bike reaches its destination in one piece. Additionally, a standard bike rack carries up to five bikes eliminating the need to have a rack for each bicycle. In the absence of a rack, you can also move your bike safely by having it secured inside a moving van.

Kayak Relocation

A kayak is best transported by a kayak carrier attached to your vehicle’s roof or hitch (see how to install here). When securely fixed, your boat is safe to move hundreds for miles. The saved space on the moving truck can thus be occupied by other belongings. Should you lack a carrier, a cargo van can do the job too. Position the kayak diagonally inside your cargo van, leaving room to spare for other belongings to be packed in around it.

Safely Stowing Your Skiing Gear

For lovers of this sport, you might want to invest in both a ski boot bag and a ski bag. A large enough boot bag will securely hold your helmet, boots, and boot dryer, while ski bags are designed to accommodate poles and skis. As ski gear like jackets and snow pants are extremely bulky, you might want to transport these in vacuum seal bags that shrink items to a more manageable size.

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Organizing Camping Equipment

For those who love to backpack or camp, there are lots of small gadgets and bulky items that need to be contained. Invest in a few heavy-duty, clear plastic storage boxes. These are perfect for consolidating all your camping gear, including backpacks, stoves, hammocks, sleeping bags, cookware, and more. Plus, you’ll be able to see what’s in each box for easy unpacking. Or, you might just want to leave your camping gear stowed away in these containers even after you’ve settled into your new home.

Overall, the key to a successful move is methodical packing. By purchasing the right packing supplies, you’ll protect all your expensive outdoor gear so it’s ready to use as you start exploring your new surroundings.

11 Pieces of Equipment Every Backpacker Needs

11 Pieces of Equipment Every Backpacker Needs

So, you’re planning a trip out into the backcountry and getting ready to look at gear. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, here’s a breakdown of all the essentials. 1) Water Filter Water (which also makes our list of hiking safety items) is the number one top priority