Over the years, our team has completed hundreds of relocations, from single-family homes to massive corporate offices. We treat every move with respect, no matter how big or small. Any challenges we encounter along the way serve as a great learning opportunity for us. Through our years of experience, we’ve honed our skills to provide a wide array of near-flawless moving services. When it comes to moving day, you can count on us to have your back!

Local Moving

Many people tend to underestimate the challenges of a local move until it’s too late. Don’t want to suffer the same fate? Entrust the job to us! With our seasoned team of veteran movers, we guarantee the safety of your belongings and the success of your relocation. We’ll pack up your inventory, move it to the other side of town, and put everything back together for you! Skip all the stress and sit back while we do the heavy work!

State-to-State Moving

Each customer has varying needs when it comes to long-distance moving. Here at Greys River Movers, we make sure to understand your demands and approach the operation strategically. What should we pack first? Which furniture needs dismantling, and which items can we load straight away? How do we ensure that the boxes don’t topple during transit?

Our team analyzes every possible scenario to come up with the best plan customized to your moving needs. With years of experience in our arsenal, we’re confident that we can execute your move without any issues. On top of providing quality services, we also make sure that it comes at an affordable price. We don’t want you going broke when you’re about to start fresh in your new home!

Residential Moving 

Greys River Movers understand how stressful moving is for you and your family. We have families too, you know. That’s why we strive to make the transition fun by doing our job with enthusiasm and energy. Of course, we practice discipline as we carefully pack and move your belongings. No other movers are more committed to exceeding your expectations than our experts!

Commercial Moving 

A commercial move is stressful for both the business owner and the employees. From a business standpoint, you’re trying to avoid downtime and losing profit. Plus, you don’t want to exhaust your team with all the hassle that comes with moving.

Luckily, Greys River Movers are here to lend you a hand! Equipped with the right tools and knowledge of relocation, we will swiftly move your office in the shortest time possible. We’ll handle everything from the transfer of your equipment and breakdown of cubicles to organizing your files and ensuring your IT system is operable.

With us on the frontline, you and your team can enjoy a seamless move without sacrificing productivity.

White-Glove Moving

Need to move a high-end or priceless item? Do it the right way by giving us a call! We have a separate team dedicated only to relocating valuable objects and prized collections. Whether you want to transfer a centuries-old antique, artwork, sculpture, wine bottles, or action figures, our white-glove movers will handle your items with great care and attention to detail.

In-Home Moving

We told you earlier that we respect every type of move, right? So don’t think you can’t count on us when it comes to improving your home layout! Whether you need help moving the piano, bringing furniture upstairs, or rearranging an entire room, our veteran movers will accomplish the task quickly and efficiently!

Home Staging

Do you want to sell your house as soon as possible? Then you need to make it look attractive to your prospective buyers. This is where you can make use of our expertise! Let us handle the staging process for you. We’ll make sure your potential buyers see your home in the best light.

To inquire about these and other moving services, contact us today! We provide free quotes and customizable solutions for any type of move.